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About examinations


Regulations for examinations
Examination requirements
Criteria for assessment
About the Board


About the Board

The Icelandic Music Schools' Examinations Board is responsible for the reliable and impartial assessment of instrumental, vocal and theory examinations in accordance with the requirements of the national curriculum and examination syllabus of Icelandic music schools published by the Icelandic Ministry of Education. The main objective of these national examinations is to provide a reliable indication of pupils' musical acheivements, regardless of school, teacher or examiner, by ensuring that all pupils display appropriate levels of musical ability and knowledge in order to fulfil respective examination requirements. Curriculum and examination regulations aim to strengthen the role of examiners in the assessment of musical performance and knowledge. 

More specifically the Icelandic Music Schools Examinations Board is responsible for:

  • establishing a panel of examiners in accordance with national curriculum and examinations syllabus published by the Icelandic Ministry for Education
  • producing examination regulations and assessment criteria
  • designing and producing assessment papers/mark sheets and certificates
  • the initial and continued training and support of examiners on the panel
  • the administration and finances of the examinations board
  • employing examiners
  • organising examinations in accordance with the national curriculum and examinations syllabus
  • adjudicating appeals and complaints against examination results or procedures
  • collecting and storing examination results and other related data
  • collecting and storing information about the organisation of examinations
  • distributing information to music schools, teachers and other interested parties

The Board

According to the constitution of the Icelandic Music Schools Examinations Board (passed at its founding on 27th of February 2002), The Association of Local Authorities in Iceland (Samband) and the Association of Icelandic Music School Directors (STS) nominate one individual each to the board. The Union of Music Teachers (FT) and Icelandic Musicians' Union (FÍH) nominate together, one individual to the board. Icelandic music schools affiliated to the board appoint one person each to the Committee of Music School Representatives. This committee elects in turn, two individuals to the examinations board. Reserve members of the board are appointed in the same way. The board's chairperson and deputy-chairperson are nominated by the board itself. Appointments are for four years.

Icelandic Music Schools Examinations Board:

  • Kristín Stefánsdóttir, chairman of the board (FT & FIH)
  • Eiríkur G. Stephensen, deputy chairman of the board
  • Gunnar Rafn Sigurbjörnsson (Samband)
  • Kolbrún Jónsdóttir (STS)
  • Kristinn Örn Kristinsson


  • Bragi Michaelsson (Samband)
  • Sólveig Anna Jónsdóttir (FT & FÍH)
  • Theodóra Þorsteinsdóttir (STS)
  • Árni Harðarson
  • Guðrún Guðmundsdóttir



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