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About examinations


Regulations for examinations

Examination requirements
Criteria for assessment

About the Board


Examiners and areas of expertise

In accordance with curriculum and examination syllabus requirements, the Icelandic Music Schools Examination Board adopts the following procedures concerning examiner specialisms.

Elementary level:

Examiners may examine all Elementary level examinations, on all instruments/voices.

Intermediate level:

Examiners may only examine Intermediate level examinations upon their own specialist instruments and upon related instruments according to the following groupings:

  • wind instruments, e.g. recorder, flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon and saxophone
  • brass instruments, e.g. trumpet, cornet, horn, tenor horn, trombone, baritone euphonium and tuba
  • bowed stringed instruments, e.g.violin, viola, violincello, doublebass
  • keyboard instruments, e.g. piano, harpsichord, organ, piano accordian
  • rhythmic instruments, e.g. all instruments in accordance with the curriclum and examination syllabus for rhythmic instruments
  • gitar
  • harp
  • singing
  • percussion
Advanced level:

Examiners are only permited to examine Advanced level examinations upon their own specialist instruments.



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