I N F O R M A T I O N   I N   E N G L I S H

Regulations for instrumental/vocal examinations

In choosing pieces for examinations, teachers should ensure that the length of programmes are consistent with the time allocated to examinations in syllabus requirements. Pieces should be played in their entirety.

In choosing pieces for examinations, teachers are responsible for ensuring that pieces presented for assessment are at a level of difficulty consistent with syllabus requirements.

All examination syllabus requirements concerning the number, contents and nature of different parts of the examination must be strictly followed. One longer piece for example, is not acceptable in place of two shorter pieces and individual movements of the same piece are not acceptable as separate parts of the examination.

All examination syllabus requirements regarding scales, arpeggios and other technical exercises must be strictly followed. Pupils perform scales, arpeggios and other technical exercises selected by the examiner, during the examination itself, from examination syllabus requirements.

Pupils decide the order in which they perform individual elements of the examination

Elementary, intermediate and advanced examinations may only be assessed by external examiners.

The same examiner should not examine at the same location for many years in succession

Teachers must submit examination programmes to examiners before exams commence. The examination proceeds only on the basis that this programme is assessed, by the examiner, as being consistent with syllabus requirements.

The examiner is responsible for providing appropriate sight-reading(transposition) material.

Teachers are allowed to be present during examinations since they have no influence on the examiner's assessment.

Examiners assess pupils' performance without taking into consideration any comments or explanations.

Examiners must provide pupils with assessment in the form of both marks and comments for each and every element of the examination. Comments should indicate both positive aspects of the pupils' performance and areas for improvement.

Examiners should be present at Advanced level examination recitals and give written assessment of the performance. Where possible this should be the same examiner that examined the pupil for the respective advanced level examination.