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About examinations


Regulations for examinations

Examination requirements
Criteria for assessment

About the Board


Icelandic Music Schools' Examinations Board

The Icelandic Music Schools' Examinations Board - Prófanefnd tónlistarskóla - is responsible for reliable and impartial assessment of instrumental, vocal and theory examinations in accordance with the requirements of the national curriculum and examination syllabus of Icelandic music schools published by the Icelandic Ministry of Education. Instrumental examinations at Elementary (grunnpróf) and Intermediate (miđpróf) levels will be held for the first time in the Spring of 2004.

This site contains information about the Icelandic Music Schools' Examinations Board. It includes regulations, procedures and criteria which direct the board's work. Some of this material is still being prepared and some pages are still under construction. Thank you for your patience.

Assessment criteria

Prófanefnd tónlistarskóla has produced a criteria for the assessment of Elementary and Intermediate instrumental and vocal examinations and are available for your information here.

Questions and answers

It is possible to ask questions directly to Prófanefnd tónlistarskóla about any issues concerning the adminstration and organization of Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced level examinations by writing to Answers will then be published on the board's web-site as soon as possible if they are considered to be of general interest to other users of the site. Several questions and answers, recently received can be found here. (Please note that questions will as a rule only be answered in Icelandic, unless otherwise specifically requested.)



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